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Six Great Places to Look For Business Inspiration

'Business' and 'inspiration' are often not words that people would expect to see Oh, how wrong they It takes a lot to build something from scratch and develop it to the point where you're not only living, but…

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8 Brilliant gift ideas for Valentines Day

Valentines day is fast approaching and, yes, it's a fake holiday invented by corporations to sell extra pink However, there's generally still an expectation that if you're coupled up you're going to get Luckily, there's a load of…

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8 Travel blogs that’ll make your wanderlust ten times worse

I've suddenly started thinking a lot about travel It could be the fact that it only got light a few hours ago and it's already dark again It's winter and it's It might also be the fact…

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6 ways to increase your online class bookings (Plus a bonus idea!)

So, you have your class up and running, and it's looking But how can you get the word out and start to increase your booking numbers? Add a Call to Action button on Facebook If you have a Facebook…

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6 Places to find amazing home inspiration

Reader, I am obsessed with Maybe it's because I've been saving up to buy one for what feels like a million years (in reality it is two, but two years feels like a million when you have to cut…

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How to combat the Blue Monday blues

January 16th is Blue For the uninitiated, that means it's the most miserable day of the And even if you weren't already aware that it had a name, you might well have felt its The holidays are…

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8 Things We Can Help You Change In 2017

You may not have noticed, because it's hardly been mentioned at all, but it is now a new As such, everybody's making resolutions and planning on becoming better We're not that into making tough resolutions that make January…


The Official HowNow Highlight List: 2016

How the hell are we at the end of 2016? At times it felt like we were never going to get But we made it through the craziness and it's time to start looking ahead to the new


How To Have a Very Merry Last-Minute Christmas

So you've left things a little bit late for Christmas this It's totally It happens to the best of But the thing is, every time you turn on the TV or look at your phone you're confronted…

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Every game you should have for Christmas 2016

Christmas is nearly upon It's great to be able to spend a whole day with your nearest and dearest, but when the turkey's all gone and the conversation's started to die down in favour of you being given the…