The internet is great. It’s opened up marketing like nothing else and means that small companies actually have a chance of competing with the big guys. After all, you can create Google Adwords campaigns, and so can they. You can make sure your content is seen in the right facebook newsfeeds, and so can they. You can make viral video content just as well as much larger companies.

The increase in internet use for pretty much everything these days does mean, however, that certain marketing ideas that were commonplace are starting to fall by the wayside. But just because they’re seen as outdated, it definitely doesn’t mean that it’s useless to give them a try. After all, your target demographic might not even be big internet users, and what will you do then?

PR Stunts

They say all publicity is good publicity, but free publicity is even better. To bring your brand to everybody’s attention it’s worth thinking about what you can do in the real world to make them take notice. This could be by holding a big event. It could involve going to a public place and doing something stupid (but something legal, please). You could also try anything else which is a bit out of the ordinary. Not only will you hopefully be able to get people talking in person and online, but if you’re doing something weird enough, you might just be able to catch the attention of the press as well.

Giving out freebies

If you have a physical product, take it to the streets and hand it out. You’ll get feedback, and you might also get a little bit of online love from your happy recipients. This isn’t necessarily something we’d recommend if you’re selling, high-end watches, but could work a treat for something small. If giving your stuff out to all and sundry in a public place isn’t a possibility, you could also try sending products to a few well-chosen bloggers or other influencers. However, it’s worth remembering that if they haven’t asked for it, they don’t owe you any coverage. But your product’s so good it’ll totally win them over, right?

Sell in person

We’re not talking hard-selling here, but if you’ve got an online craft store, get yourself down to a few actual craft fairs. If you sell fitness wear, see about setting up a stall at a local gym or a trade show. If you’re running your own online marketing company, get out and network. Potential customers like to know about the person behind the brand, so never underestimate the human touch.

Create something viral

That’s not to say that you should go completely off-topic from the kind of content that you usually share. Your regular followers know you, and if you completely change your style overnight it’s going to be obvious, and might be unwelcome. However, if there’s a news story relevant to your industry that you can create content (or even design a product) around, then grab the opportunity and do it. If you manage to get something shared a lot people will be interested in seeing what else you have to offer, which might just pay off.

Physical posters

Physical marketing materials can be an almost-subliminal way of marketing your brand. The average person needs to see an image almost 100 times before they decide that it’s something they can trust. Posters, flyers, or even billboards can help to get your message out to more people and to slyly signal to them that what you’ve got to offer is worth exploring.


These are just a few ideas for ways to up the ante with your marketing as opposed to relying purely on your online presence. Some ideas will work for some brands, and others won’t. For more guidance on how to use marketing to enhance your brand, check out the Expert advice available on HowNow.


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