Social media is kind of a big deal. It’s a great way to compliment your brand, network with contacts, and even make sales and find jobs. If you’ve never been very reliable with your business’ online presence, we recommend that you change that. These are some of the social networks you should consider being a part of.


There’s basically no reason not to be on Facebook. Whatever your business, with Facebook you can share content, promote products, and create highly targeted ads to make sure you reach the right people. Considering that most of the world is on there, you definitely should be too. It’s social media 101.


People argue that Twitter’s days are numbered, but it just keeps hanging on. It’s a great tool for businesses because it’s another way to create targeted ads so you end up in just the right newsfeeds. It’s also a fantastic place to get involved in conversations, and to make new contacts. Customer retention is also a big bonus, as lots of people resort to Twitter when they need help. They’ll do it whether or not you’re using the platform, so you might as well be there to engage and respond.


If you’ve got something you want to show the world, Instagram is the way to go. You might want people to see how awesome your product looks, or just show off your team and how hard they’re working. Instagram has recently added a new feature which makes it very similar to Snapchat, so you can share lasting images as well as off-the-cuff snaps that disappear after 24 hours.


If you rely on a heavily visual element for your business, you might find Pinterest super-useful. For starters, it’s a great place to showcase your designs. If you have great blog content, it’s a unique way to share with an audience. And if you need to show clients a point-of-reference for a project (for example, if you’re an interior designer or a florist) it’s a great way to collate examples of the kind of aesthetic you’re picturing and sharing that information.


If you’re aiming to reach a younger demographic, there’s a lot to recommend Tumblr. The tone of content on this cross between a regular blog and a micro blog tends to be very informal. If you can live up to that with your content, it’s super-easy for people to discover what you’re sharing. They can also share it again with their followers.


Snapchat  is a tricky one as social media goes. If you’re a blogger or influencer it could work particularly well to give your followers a glimpse into your day-to-day life. The downside to Snapchat is that it doesn’t allow much chance for discovery (aside from its super-exclusive ‘discover’ page, which is incredibly hard to get into and reserved for the media elite). You’ll need to know people who are also using it in order to avoid snapping into the void.


By 2019, video is predicted to account for around 80% of all internet traffic. Basically, now is as good a time as any to start thinking about how best to make it work for your brand. Maybe you have a product you want to show off. You could have some expertise you’d like to share which could lead to new work. Or maybe you just have a good time working in your office and want to show off how cool your brand is. Video is a great way to add variety to the range of content you’re sharing, and Youtube is the place to start.


If your success relies on you finding contacts and showing your level of expertise in a certain arena, you should definitely think about being on Linkedin. You’ll be able to see what connections you have with people (you’d be surprised) and use that information to make new contacts. You can also share content that you’ve written, and highlight other work that you think your connections might find interesting.


In conclusion, there’s basically a social media account for everything these days. However, you should make sure to pick the ones that specifically suit your needs. If you try to spread yourself too thin you’ll lack effectiveness. If you need more social media help, don’t forget to check out HowNow. We might have just the expert for you.


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