How to add your calendar on HowNow


So, you’ve signed up to HowNow and you’re ready to add your availability to your calendar. We’ve made it really easy to add your free time to HowNow so that you can let us know when you’re free to deliver a class. This short guide will show you how to get your spaces on to HowNow straight from your Google Calendar and how to keep it updated.

You will need:

  • A Google Account. HowNow currently only uses Google Calendar, so please make sure to have an active GMail account.
  • A few minutes to get your calendar set up.

Step 1: Log in to your Google Calendar

Log in to Google Calendar if you haven’t already done so.

add to calendar step 1

Step 2: Create a Calendar

On the left, you will see a section called My Calendars. Click on the drop down box and choose “Create a new calendar.”  You can name this whatever you like. We’ve named ours “HowNow Availability”.

add to calendar step 2

Step 3: Add dates and times

Select a date and time you’d like to make yourself available. Do remember to set the calendar to the new one you just created. From here you can also edit the event and have it repeat daily, weekly or monthly. You can name your entry anything you like. Do be aware that any entries in your HowNow calendar will be a recognised as free time by our automated system, so this isn’t the one to use to record your dentist appointments.

Please note: Currently we only accept hourly slots, so make sure that you the time slots that you add to your class are at least one hour in length. When adding your times, please add the times that you’ll be free to teach.

add to calendar step 3

Step 4: Get the Private URL

Go to the settings of the Calendar that you created. Towards the bottom of the page you’ll see a button called Private URL with a green ICAL button. Right click on this button and copy that link. We’re going to need that to connect your availability on HowNow.

add to calendar step 4


Step 5: Paste Private URL

In your Add Class page on HowNow, you’ll find a section called Date & Time. You’ll need to paste the URL you just copied into this box. Once you’ve completed filling in the rest of your details for the class, press the ‘Save & Publish’ button.

add to calendar step 5

And that’s it! Our intelligent system will automatically generate class times for you based on the free slots you make available. All you need to do is keep your Google Calendar updated to let us know when you’re free. If you make the hours of 4pm – 8pm available, we’ll automatically generate 4 one-hour slots for you.

Adding More Time Slots

To add more time slots, simply follow Step 3 and add more times to this Calendar as and when you know your availability. Our clever bots will automatically pick this up and add these time slots to your listings on HowNow.

Multiple Calendars

If you’re hosting different classes and want to arrange different days and times for them, you can follow the same steps again with a new calendar for each class you’re hosting, keeping your schedule organised the way you like it.

We hope this guide’s been helpful to you and gets you on your way to profit from your passion. We’re incredibly excited to see what classes you’ll be hosting.

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