Healthy eating can be tricky to figure out. There’s an overwhelming amount of information out there, from the actually-useful, to the not-very-helpful at all. And, of course, healthy eating is very much about the individual. What’s healthy for one person might be terrible for another. But if you want to take a few small steps that are suitable for everyone, where can you start?

Eat colourful food

Put. The blue raspberry. Down. That is categorically not what we mean when we say ‘eat colourful food’. We’re talking about eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables which pack a vitamin-filled punch. It can be helpful to think in terms of colour as that helps to avoid eating too much beige food. By that, we mean things like chips, pastry, and white bread – things that aren’t very nutritious. It’s not about cutting calories so much as about making sure you’re body gets the hit of vitamins it needs to function properly.

Don’t give in to too many treats

We’re not saying ‘never have another biscuit in your life’, because we’re not horrible people. But healthy eating means focussing more on what will sustainably fuel your body than what will provide a quick hit of energy followed by a crash. We’re partial to an M&S treat tub at HowNow Towers, but we should be aiming to eat more seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. ‘Should’ being the operative word. If you’re looking for help on the healthy eating front, services like Graze can be a great option.

Don’t start fad diets

Healthy eating isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle. There’s a difference between choosing to eat more veg and eating nothing but green juice and cabbage soup. For starters, it’s not very good for you in the long run because you’re missing out on getting a full range of nutrients. Secondly, they tend to end in disappointment when the results don’t last. And lastly, well, they’re just a bit boring. Healthy eating shouldn’t be a chore because if you turn it into one you’ll never want to do it.

Stay hydrated

Sometimes when you’re hungry, what you really are is dehydrated. If you’re sitting at a desk all day it can be difficult to summon the will to get up for a glass of water, especially if you don’t feel that thirsty. However,that’s exactly what you need to do. You might also find that you’re able to focus better, so you can tell your boss that regular water breaks are an essential part of your working process.

Eat Breakfast

Breakfast really does help to keep hunger locked up ’til lunch. We actually might have borrowed that from Shreddies. But either way, it really works. If you get the day off to a good start it sets you up to keep eating healthily throughout. You’ll be less hungry and less inclined to absentmindedly snack. All good things, really. Just try to avoid cereals loaded with sugar and daily fry-ups. A nice porridge ought to do the trick. Or avocado on toast if you’re feeling like Instagramming something.


Like we mentioned at the start of this, healthy eating is very much dependent on the individual. You might want some tailored help, and that’s exactly what you can find on HowNow. We also have awesome cooking classes with healthy recipes from people like Jessie Lane Lee. Get stuck in today!


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