The Netherlands is great and, more importantly, the Dutch people absolutely know what’s up when it comes to food. It feels like we hear a lot about more traditionally ‘food-y’ countries (I’m looking at you, Italy and France). But that’s a shame, because Amster-DAMN they have some amazing stuff in the Netherlands. Here are some of the awesome Dutch treats you’re missing out on.

1. Bitterballen


This sounds like it’s going to be describing, well, bitter balls. That doesn’t sound great. But guess again. Bitterballen are actually balls of deep fried gravy. We’ll say that again for the benefit of people who blacked out from excitement at that combination of words. Deep. Fried. Gravy. There really isn’t anything else we can add to sell this. It’s either your dream or your nightmare. There is no in-between.

2. Hagelslag


These little guys are a very special kind of Dutch sprinkle, which are designed to go over bread. You spread it with unsalted butter (not something we have ever willingly done before when salted butter exists, but we’ll make an exception).  After that, you basically just sprinkle away. It’s like the breakfast of your childhood dreams except that in The Netherlands you can eat it as a grown-ass adult and nobody can say anything.

3. Ontbijtkoek


Gesundheit. We’re just playing. But you know who aren’t playing? The dutch and their breakfast-specific cake. That’s right. This is cake that is specifically designed to be eaten for breakfast. It’s made of rye, spices, and molasses, among other things. If you’re into healthy eating, this cake also contains no fat. Anyone who saw us freak out about deep fried gravy earlier will know that’s not one of our main concerns, but it’s still a little extra selling point.

4. Poffertjes

dutch pancakes

You know how pancakes are brilliant. Well, these are tiny pancakes. They pack the same amount of greatness as a normal-sized pancake, but you can eat three times as many. Food maths, guys. You’re welcome.

5. Pindasaus


In Britain, we tend use peanuts as a sauce only in satay situations. Dutch people, however, have taken a good thing and started using it everywhere. You can dip your chips in it, or bread, or whatever you want, really. No longer does peanut-y goodness need to be reserved for childhood sandwiches and dodgy takeaways.

The best part about all of this food is that we haven’t even scratched the surface of all of the great stuff that the Dutch have to eat. Everyone should take a trip there at one point or another. And, to towards that goal, we have Dutch teachers just raring to teach you some of the lingo. Just make sure the first phrase you learn is ‘please give me all of the deep fried gravy”.


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