How To Write a HowNow Listing That Grabs Attention

We’re really proud of what we’re doing at HowNow. We’re getting rid of geographical complications and allowing people everywhere to learn from people anywhere. So, how can you make your class listing as effective as can be to make sure it grabs as much attention as possible? We’ve got a few tips to make sure that your listing is ready to bring in students from the second you post it.

1. Don’t mix up your overview and your profile

Your supplier profile is the place to tell people about yourself. It’s a place to brag about your personal achievements and let people know what qualifies you to teach them about a certain subject. This will be displayed on every listing you make. Because of this, if you teach several subjects, make sure it’s not too specifically focussed on one.

In contrast, the overview on your listing is a place to go into general detail about what people can learn from you. Don’t be too specific – that’s what the class information is for. Let students know what the subject is, and what they’ll learn from you after a few sessions. It’s also a good idea to mention your teaching style.

2. Be specific about what people will learn in groups or one-to-one sessions

Now that you’ve grabbed a student’s attention with your overview, it’s time to give more details. Group sessions and one-to-one sessions are very different beasts, so they have their own sections. If you have lesson plans, this is the place to go into fine detail about what exactly will be covered in a group session. You can literally write bullet points if you like. Don’t worry about spoilers – students want to know what they’re about to pay for.

3. Have great pictures

Humans are naturally very visual people. We’re also quite judgemental. One of the best ways of making your class look like it’s worth taking is to ensure that you use great images. Students might not consciously think that your class looks rubbish based on your image. However, in a world where high-quality images are easily available, they might be subconsciously put off. Make sure yours are not pixelated or irrelevant to the class in your listing.

4. Make sure you’ve linked your calendar correctly

We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to let us know when you’re available to teach. Instead of listing every time slot individually, we’ve made it possible to sync your Google calendar with HowNow. All you have to do is create a specific calendar for us, and put in entries for times when you’re free. We’ll automatically separate these into  one-hour slots. Check out our instructions here for help with doing this.


Once you’ve got your listing up and running, you’ll be able to grab the attention of any student browsing the site. However, we do also advise making sure you market your activity properly. This might be through word of mouth, email newsletters, social media, or paid advertising. Having a listing without these things is a bit like having a picture hanging up on a wall and hoping someone walks by and wants to buy it. It’ll happen a lot quicker if they know it’s there in the first place.

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