Guys. How the hell are we at the end of 2016? At times it felt like we were never going to get here. But we made it through the craziness and it’s time to start looking ahead to the new year. 2017 should, by all accounts, be a doozie as well. So in the quiet few days before the madness starts all over again we wanted to take a look back at 2016, partially out of nostalgia, and partially because everybody on the internet is legally obliged to do this now. Take a look at your Facebook Newsfeed on New Years Eve if you don’t believe me:

HowNow Highlight #1: My Dad Wrote a Porno

It’s not that our workplace is inappropriate, but My Dad Wrote a Porno is literally all we’ve been listening to at the office all year. And this is why we don’t have an HR department.

HowNow Highlight #2: Lisbon

I mean, really.

Team HowNow had a few days in Lisbon after this year’s Web Summit. We had a chance to see the sights, eat a lot of fish, and pose for our album cover photo at every available opportunity. Now all we need to do is write the album.

HowNow Highlight #3: Fleabag

If you give me three seconds, I will brag to anyone about how I already had the play script and new about Fleabag years ago. But for the rest of the team it was a revelation – hilarious and heartbreaking in equal measure.

HowNow Highlight #4: Trapped in a room with a zombie

In this immersive game you solve clues in order to escape a room, while also being chased by a zombie. We may or may not have been so bad at the clue solving that the zombie had to help us. Either way, it was scary and amazing, and we did not get out alive.

HowNow Highlight #5: House of cards

I have to confess to not having seen this myself, but when asked how I should describe House of Cards in this post, the rest of Team HowNow told me to write “It was the best fucking TV show ever”. So I guess I should get on that.

HowNow Highlight #6: Kothu Kothu

If you like great food and happen to be in Croydon you need to check out Kothu Kothu at Croydon Box Park. It’s so good it’ll make you forget you’re in Croydon, and that’s not an easy task.

HowNow Highlight #7: The chicken connoisseur

We love nothing more in life than chicken shops, so we’re pretty sure the chicken connoisseur is our soulmate. We’re all about doing your own thing and not listening to other peoples’ opinions, but we would 100% check out any chicken shop he recommends, anywhere in the city.

HowNow Highlight #8: Nandos

As previously mentioned, Team HowNow have a healthy enjoyment of chicken. Pretty much every Friday this year has seen us at our local Nandos, dreaming of the day that one of us gets a black card. Maybe in 2017. Hint hint, Nandos.

HowNow Highlight #9: The Missing

It. Was. So. Good. The weeks after I recommended this were the only weeks of the whole year I felt like I had any street cred. Do I need to get over it now? Absolutely. But it totally makes the list.

So what were your highlights of 2016? Anything that should have made our list? We’re already on the lookout for awesome things to check out in 2017…


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