How to add the HowNow widget to your website

We’re very pleased to let everybody know that the HowNow widget is live! Using the widget, you can take class bookings from people who are already on your website and interested in what you do. Your potential students won’t even need to navigate away from your site. When the time comes to take you session you’ll simply log in to HowNow, as will your student, and the class will run as normal. All you need to do to advertise your HowNow classes to all of your website visitors is to make a tiny change to the code of your site. We promise it’s super easy.


To embed the HowNow widget

Before you can do anything you’ll need to know your instructor ID. You can find this by looking at your teacher profile. The name at the end of your URL is your ID. So, for example, my teacher profile URL is and that means my instructor ID is nicola-masters-245.


To embed the HowNow widget on a wordpress website you will need to make sure you’ve installed the iframe plugin from If you’re using other widgets this may be something you’ve already done.



After that you’ll need to place the following line on the page where widget is required (Don’t forget to replace ### with your actual InstructorID):



If you’re not using WordPress, feel free to get in touch and let us know what you do use so we can give you your own special instructions for embedding the widget.


Once you’ve added the widget to your site you’ll be able to take bookings from people who are already engaged and who are specifically interested in what you do. The whole thing will look a little something like this:

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