Advertising (ads) is part of a business marketing strategy and it plays a crucial role in that marketing plan. Although in recent years more people are turning to content marketing for their main strategy as consumers are getting put off pushy advertising campaigns that annoy consumers more than anything.

However,  it’s important that when you do advertise, you really make people stop and think and you are demonstrating your product in the best possible way while making that ad engaging and memorable. There are some great examples of this you may have seen in similar round up articles, but here are perhaps less famous ads ( due to them being a smaller brand)  that really hit the nail on the head.


Rescue Remedy

First of all if you didn’t know what recuse remedy was you do now. Their product’s aim to is to give you a little support and help calm you down to take a moment when you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious.  There ad, does just this. It is not only an excellent way to inform  you of their product but it actually helps you take that moment, just by reading their ad.

I am sure you are well aware of mindfulness and meditation that is gripping the nation as a coping mechanism of busy lives. There ad gives you a little does of mindfulness- forcing you to focus on your breath. Also the placement of the ad is excellent as it can be seen on tubes and trains through London – which is where you are most likely to find stressed commuters.

What can you learn?

Can you use your ad to be practical and helpful while also being informative?

Stabilo Boss Highlighter Pen

Stabilo Boss have produced an incredible ad here. Again it’s simple and get’s straight to the point.  Think about it – what is  a highlighter’s purpose? To make something stand out, to draw attention to something important, something vital. Or in this case someone vital. In this remarkable ad, they have highlighted ( literally) a very important women called Katherine Johnson who’s math’s calculations were one of the main reasons for Apollo’s 11 safe return to earth.

What can you learn?

Convey simply what your product does and connect it to an emotional or key reference point that people can identify with.



How do you advertise and raise awareness of skin issues as a sun care skincare charity while also impacting people immediately? That is exactly what SunSmart Australia did with their bus stop ad. They realize only scaring people and alarming people to the dangers of the sun was futile unless you could get them to engage immediately and do something that would make a positive difference.  There bus stop ad, raises the awareness of sun damage on the skin while sowing you how simple it can be to protect yourself and that you could start now. Offering free suncream increases the levels of engaging and awareness people take from what would of been just a bus stop poster.

What can you learn?

How can you make your Ad actionable? Is there something you can do to make sure the consumer engages directly and takes an immediate action.

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