You may have heard,  we’re in a crisis and that it’s something that needs to be addressed immediately, but you may not know what it is still? Well rest assured, we are going to explain what it is and what it all means for you as an employee or an employer. Continue reading as we navigate this jargon minefield to reveal what you need to do next.

What is it?

So essentially the Digital Skills Gap refers to two things. First, is  the term that has been used for the lack of employees in the workforce that are currently lacking many of the vital digital skills. These skills are needed to ensure their companies are at the forefront of change and development.  Secondly it refers to the lack of trained people ( graduates, appretnices and school leavers) coming into the workforce. These newcomers also don’t posses the digital skills to take themselves and their companies forward.

There is a lack of knowledge and people skilled in this area to fill the increasingly growing positions. This is an issue is because there is an increasing demand for tech in our lives. This results in  many industries moving towards a digital space.  So in order to progress we need to have staff who are trained or experienced enough to  take the company to the next level.

Wider implications of this?

Companies that are failing to train or posses the digital skills needed for growth impact the economy. The reason so many people are calling for immediate action is that it directly affects economic growth. We have now reached a point where digital skills are not just desirable but essential for survival.


How does it impact me as an employee?

90% of new jobs require digital skills to some level. So for employees it means those that can gain or posses digital skills will be more highly sought after. If you are looking to advance your career and  want to get ahead then their are a few things you can do. First of all look at the industry you work in and evaluate the skills you might need to have for the future. If you’re looking for a new job then look at the skills your desired job is looking for. Then take it upon yourself to up skill yourself so you can fill these gaps. Here are a few places that provide online digital skills courses:

How does it impact me as an employer

The good news, is there are a lot of simple things you can do to address the digital skills gap in your workforce and prepare them for the future. First of all try and establish the skills you are missing.   The following material might be of interest for different sectors

A lack of these crucial  skills means you won’t grow as fast. While these are great reading material, you want to take action. You need to take action and pretty soon, to avoid being left behind.

72% of big companies are suffering tech skill gaps in the UK. You need to up skill your staff through providing extra training especially in the digital skills gap. HowNow is a great platform you can use to host your training. It’s the perfect space to host interactive, engaging training that your staff can easily access anywhere with an internet connection or even access on their mobile through the HowNow app.

The Human Resources department should put more budget into training your staff.  Give staff the incentive to take up training within the digital skills space. As the future of industries change, you need to be adaptable and so do your staff.   Keep up to date with the trends and make sure you are offering or at least supporting the right training for your staff.

Attracting the right talent with the right skills for future is all about making your current staff happy. If your current staff feel valued and happy then they are going to recomend your company and be your company advocates when they know you are looking for new hires. 55% of job seekers would move to another job if they feel their current employer is not fulfilling their desire to keep their digital skills current. So make sure you are providing regular training and training is something you celebrate and shout about. Check out HowNow for a software platform that can host all your training material to educate and up-skill employees.

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