Startup events are a great way to get your name out there as a startup. It’s great to meet other similar people, potential customers and even potential investors.  We have just run our first ever event on Tuesday this week called Founders@Work.  It was amazing fun.

If you want to watch the recorded live stream you can here. Make sure you skip ahead to 3 minutes 30 seconds.

We will run through why and how we did it and our advice and tips to you, for smashing your first ever event.

Startup event marekting
Founders at Work poster

What’s your aim?

Apart from getting your name out there, what do you want to achieve and promote? We wanted to promote startups and to be seen as the place ‘Where Learning Happens’ ( visit our website to learn more). Our business equips individuals or businesses with the ability to teach and share their expertise. Individuals use us as a way to monetize their knowledge through teaching online in their own branded online school. They can reach learners across the globe with a simple internet connection. Businesses use us for the same purpose to sell courses in their expertise or to offer internal training to staff. We built a product that meant online learning could be engaging, accessible and interactive. So it made sense for us to host an event where you are learning from experts. We want to promote learning and the sharing of knowledge. We want to be seen as the place ‘Where Learning Happens.’ That’s our aim.

What event concept will achieve this?

So if our aim is to promote learning and sharing of knowledge then our event should involve this. So we decided to host a panel discussion where our founder Nelson could ask other founders about their journey, experiences and advice. We felt a panel discussion was best as it was about sharing advice and having an open discussion rather than a presentation. During the founders panel discussion, it would allow people to delve into their experience and personal learnings while bouncing off other founders. We also decided a Q&A at the end was super important for involving the audience and making them feel they could connect better with the people on the panel who were inspiring them.

startup event
Great turn out at Founders at Work

Always add Networking opportunities

As we are all about promoting learning and sharing of knowledge there had to be an element of networking. However, networking is important regardless of what your business is about. If you are a startup then opportunities like this are vital to you finding other people going through the same thing. You might end up finding people to partner with or potential customers. You may also impress investors and have people knocking at your door who want to invest in your startup – that is never a bad thing. Networking allows you to share your business and your experience with others whilst also learning lots at the same time.

What other things do you need to think about?


So how are you going to advertise your event and promote it? There are lots of great avenues for this.  Listing your event on somewhere like Eventbrite can be a great way to gain exposure and also look very professional. It’s free and will certainly make your event more discoverable.

So look at maximizing your social media channels and really drive excitement and engagement on these channels.  Make sure you link your Eventbrite page to all of these channels.

Instagram is a great platform to use if you have it. Make sure you do Instagram stories, and an Instagram post advertising your event with a direct link to the event page in your bio.

If you have Facebook – then through Eventbrite you can create a Facebook event which you can share on your branded Facebook page and invite people to attend.

If you have Twitter, then make sure you are posting about your event multiple times a week.

Other marketing options may include posters, paid or promoted social posts and word of mouth.

Other things to consider for your event:

  • Food and drink? Are you providing booze and light nibbles? ( this is often popular for evening events or putting out tea and coffee and pasties for morning events).
  • Music? Does the venue have background music – do you want background music? (We had Iamrisha DJ at our event, who works at Poplify. She played great background chilled out vibes during the networking stage).
  • Promo material? Are you going to use any pull-up banners or flyers?
  • Time? Morning, day or evening and how long do you expect it to go on for? (So we allowed for 30 mins of networking before the panel and then an hour of networking after the panel).
Startup event drinks
Popilify kindly sponsored our event by providing all of the drinks


Benefits of planning and launching a successful event

You will love it! Maybe not the lead up to it but afterwards you will look back and think Wow! It’s a wonderful way to get your company name out there, to meet other like minded people. That’s why it’s important to carry a business card so you can exchange them with people and, who knows you might collaborate or work together in the future. You may not build a number of sales from it but you will certainly increase your reputation and awareness. Especially if your attendees are tagging all of their images from the night with your branded social tags. Capturing content is key during any event, as it’s content you can use for the following month. The content can demonstrate how successful your first event was. So when we say content, we mean anything from interviews, videos, quotes, photos, boomerangs etc.  Good luck with your first event! Do let us know how it goes and invite us! We would love to come and support fellow startups!

Here is a little bit about the companies that supported us

Poplify is a leading digital consultancy that helps forward thinking people realise their organisation’s growth potential by designing, building and scaling innovative digital businesses.

Mindspace is a great co-working space offering a creative environment for small businesses and individuals looking to hot desk.


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