What is a Millennial?

A Millennial is someone that is born in the early 1980’s to the late 1990’s. As a customer segment, the Millennial generation can be defined by many characteristics and traits. Although these, of course, vary. There is research that has made ‘claims’ about how this generation thinks and behave. This could be vital to understanding what motivates and appeals to this generation. Millennials currently make up 40% of the workforce and will make up 75% of the workforce in the next 10 years according to Forbes.

Cater to a shorter attention span

It’s not that Millennials are lazy or unable to focus, it’s that our attention span has dropped. According to Microsoft it’s now down to an average of 8 seconds. The presence of technology in our daily lives and how much we use it has lead to information overload. This is why we can only hold our attention for 8 seconds. A survey by Gallup found that 71% of Millennials are disengaged with work, which might be the reason for so many people choosing to do short stints at companies in comparison to their parents. So if you want to keep your employees engaged it’s probably worth investigating microlearning.

Microlearning is the process of delivering small digestible bites of information through a training programme. This type of learning is far easier to process if one has a shorter attention span. HowNow encourages microlearning and the delivery of short digestible engaging content. This could be a 10-minute audio for your employees or a 4-minute video explaining an important company policy.  

Millennials watch

Flexible Learning

The Millennial workforce requires a different approach to talent management as their focus is on a better work-life balance. According to Recruitment International, 70% of this audience want flexible working options. With the Millennials projected to make up the majority of the workforce in the future, companies need to start catering to their learning needs.With HowNow , you can offer all your employees flexibility in their learning. We are an online company, which means that your employees can access the online training school you have created on our platform from anywhere.

We also have an app for both IOS and Android, which means that this tech-savvy generation can access their training material from anywhere and have the flexibility to learn on the go. By offering your employees the flexibility to access training material when and where they want, hey are likely to be far more engaged and enthusiastic to enrol themselves in your many training courses. NBC News found that employees are more engaged when given the flexibility around their working location and hours.


Engage through Gamification

The average Millennial would have played their fair share of games online (or on mobile) before they started working for you. The Millennial generation grew up with digital games where you are engrossed in advancing levels and received immediate verification of your progress and achievements. As a result of this, gamification is likely to be far more familiar and appealing to this generation. By offering a level of gamification in your training, you are not only appealing to the short attention span but also the desire for immediate feedback and verification of progression. With HowNow, you can reward your employees with badges for completing certain goals and modules of learning.

You can also create short fun quizzes to test the knowledge of your employees. These methods are a great way to engage Millennials. A short quiz lends itself to the desire for immediate feedback. Updating your talent management and training to also suit the needs of the Millennial generation that makes up your workforce will result in higher performing and motivated employees.

HowNow enables you to create engaging, interactive and accessible learning for your employees.  

Millennial workforce engaged through technology

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