HowNow is a wonderful platform ( well, of course, I am going to say this, but it really is).  The team is constantly working on wonderful ways to update the platform and to bring new and exciting features to our clients. If you have been thinking about HowNow and are not sure yet then let me run through our latest updates on our various plans.


Starter Plan:

So this plan is as little as £22 a month if you sign up for a year. Or £29 a month if you rather go monthly. So the updates you will see below will apply to all plans.


SSL- Your HowNow school on all plans now automatically comes with a Secure Site Certificate, so you don’t need to worry about buying them.

Unsplash Integration

You heard it here first, we have now integrated with Unsplash. So you can access a wealth of beautiful royalty free images to use in your online school, thanks to the generous photographers that contribute their imagery.

Custom URL For Private Bundles

If you want to send a special offer for one of your bundles to someone. You can now share a custom URL with them so they can access this private bundle.


You can now decide if you want to enable your students to be able to retake their quiz if they didn’t perform so well the first time around.

Full-Screen Virtual Classroom

You can now full screen the virtual classroom. This gives you a full view of your whiteboard and a clearer view of your learners.

Trailer uploads

You can now upload video files as your trailer to your school, as well as links from Vimeo and YouTube.

Publish all lessons

We’ve saved you time, as now you can publish all your lessons at once rather than one by one. Create all of your lessons then preview how beautiful they look before you hit  ‘Publish all’.

Unsplash Intergration
Unsplash Integration.

Essentials Plan

The essentials plan is perfect if your business comprises of more than one person or if you are looking for more features. It is our most popular plan at £64 a month if you pay for a year or £79 if you pay monthly.  Here is a recent update that is only available on Essentials and above.

Live Classes and Webinars

We’ve tried to make things just a bit more convenient for you and to help with your scheduling. So, you can now choose to repeat webinars and live classes every fortnight.

Live classes
Live Classes and Webinars Scheduling

Growth and Enterprise plans

Growth plans offer you many wonderful features. Enterprise is the same as growth but with custom add-ons that we can build for you and quote you per additional add-on. We have many organisations in our growth plan as it allows them to have up to 30 instructors teaching in their school. Growth plans are only £239 a month if you pay yearly or £299 a month if you want to pay month by month. We find many organisations want to move on from growth as they grow and desire custom features.


Similar to retaking quizzes, you can now decide if you want to enable your students to be able to retake their assessment if they didn’t perform so well the first time around.

Assessment Visible To Learners

Upon completing the assessments, learners can now see the answers they selected or wrote to the questions after submitting it.


HowNow is now compatible with SCORM/TinCan. This means you can now upload your SCORM/TinCan compatible courses into your online school.

Style your assessments

You can now get creative with your assessments, alter the size, colour and boldness of your questions.


Don’t wait till the end. You can now reward your learners at different stages of the course.

Want to compare the plans? have a look at this image from our website below:




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