Let’s start from the beginning where training first plays a role. The first experience of your company an employee has is the onboarding process. This is the first impression they get of the company from the inside, the first time they realise what a treat it will be to work for you.  Sadly this process is fairly boring for a lot of companies. The first few days/weeks of a new employee’s life at most companies involve sitting around doing nothing and feeling that they have so much to learn about their new job.

Most of the time they feel unsure how to bring themselves up to speed with the relevant processes and procedures.

Fear not! This is where HowNow could work it’s magic for you.  All you need to do is enrol your new employee to your online school powered by HowNow and invite them to your tailored onboarding course.

An onboarding course could save you a great deal of time and money. This is because you can ensure that new employees are up to speed from their first day. Another bonus is a reduction in costs associated with training; saving money on time and resources. You can ensure your courses are engaging and interactive by using the multiple content formats available on HowNow. This could be video, audio, quizzes, assessments or live classes to name a few.

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Health and Safety in the workplace

Sounds pretty boring doesn’t it, but we all need to do it. Although the training is fairly similar in most places, there are small details that differ that make it important to undertake. Better to be safe than sorry as they say! The chances are that your new employees have experienced similar training numerous times in their career. Therefore make sure it’s interactive and engaging so they don’t switch off.

Conduct a number of live classes within the organisation with various groups of people. You can be reassured that those employees are not sitting in the room sleeping with their eyes open.  A live class of say 9 people will allow the instructor to have a more personalised training experience with the learners. The instructor can engage the class with an interactive whiteboard, discussion and even put the learners on the spot with questions.

This kind of training is important to understand if employees have actually understood it, as it could affect the safety of themselves and others. So why not measure their intake of knowledge with a quiz or assessment. You will be able to monitor the employees to see who perhaps needs to revisit this training again as they have not understood it clearly. Guarantee all your employees pass with flying colours for a healthy and safe workplace environment.

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Digital Skills Training

We have written a few articles on addressing the ‘Digital Skills Gap’ in your company which you may have read before in HR news and on our blog.  The ‘Digital Skills Gap’ can only be addressed with training. HowNow is all about empowering learning. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the learning and the knowledge sharing experience on our platform.

Use HowNow as a tool for upskilling your staff. Call upon someone within your organisation to who possess the correct digital skills to create a training course. This is a great way to empower employees and make them feel valued, whilst also sharing the great expertise they have in the business.

If you currently do not have anyone that is able to do this for you, then seek help elsewhere. Hiring an expert may be costly but the training material they create for your company will be invaluable as you share that knowledge with the rest of your organisation.

It’s worth noting that with Digital skills, they will constantly need to be updated and refreshed. This is so they fit in with the latest developments in tech and its impacts in the workplace. With HowNow, you can ensure that all your employees are kept up to date and refreshed with the latest developments – wherever they are

Digital Skills Training


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