Training is an important part of an organisation. As without training and development, how can you expect your staff to grow and excel? If they are not growing then neither will your business. We scanned the internet for the best training stats out there. Now you can be assured that training is a worthwhile investment.

58% of workers prefer to learn at their own pace

This shows that employees want to be in control of their own development and learning. It’s important that your company uses a learning software that enables employees to take learning at their own pace. HowNow is an online platform.  This means your company can access their own online training school from anywhere and even through the mobile app.


94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development

Recruiting new staff is a very hefty cost that can impact a business. Not only does it cost the business financially but also slows down the productivity of your workforce.  If almost all staff surveyed are saying that professional development impacts their decision to stay then it’s a no-brainer.  Professional development requirements of employees must be met with training opportunities. It will not only lead to employee retention but it will also lead to increased productivity.


employee retention

56% of employees would spend more time learning if managers indicated which courses to take to improve or gain new skills.

This figure indicates that the majority of employees would love to develop further but lack the expertise to know what courses or skills to take to advance themselves further in their career.  You want your employees to smash their goals and meet their KPIs. Therefore, allocate appropriate training to ensure they have the skills needed to excel.


33% of companies surveyed would say that learning and development departments are critical to the success

If you see evidence like this, you can’t ignore it.  Professional development will not only motivate and engage your team but it will also contribute to your profit line. HowNow makes it easy for you to deliver engaging training to employees with live classes, gamification and assessments.   You can measure your employee’s engagement and progress by using a detailed analytics dashboard of their learning and progress.


34% of companies say that their learning and development is limited by budget.

There are many things that are likely fighting for a share of your budget. It’s important to analyse each investment even learning, to understand the returns and the overall impact on the company. Thankfully, HowNow is an online platform where you can host and deliver learning online.  This means your budget won’t be quite as stretched as if you were providing workshops and using an old learning management system.  HowNow has monthly plans and if you signed up for a year you will receive a 20% discount.  Without your employees your company would not grow,  after your product, they are the single most important contributor to growth.  So if you are going to invest your money anywhere then I’d say that your employees are a pretty good investment.

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employee engagment

70% agree that training can help people block out distractions.

It’s not easy concentrating at work, there are a million ways you can distract yourself. Surprisingly as it may be many employees believe that training can help limit distractions. Employees surveyed said they felt much more productive when provided with training and development opportunities. This may be because when they are learning, they are far more engaged in their work and producing the best work they can. Not having adequate training to take on your tasks leads to frustration and distracted.


42% of employees surveyed said they would be more engaged at work if they had access to learning new skills whenever needed

Just in Time training is a new phrase but at the heart of it, it means learning what you need when you need it.  It’s important that employees can access materials when they need them.  This may be a lesson or a collection of resources when the issues arises. There are many training modules that can be planned but sometimes when you are working new issues arises. Build out a library of content in your school where employees can find appropriate resources. This will enable them to move past the problem quicker.  Not knowing how to solve an issue can lead to distractions in the workplace and a drop in morale.



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