Reader, I am obsessed with homes. Maybe it’s because I’ve been saving up to buy one for what feels like a million years (in reality it is two, but two years feels like a million when you have to cut back on takeaway coffees and all fun), or maybe it’s because I really like getting a sneak peek into other peoples’ houses (read: Staring into my neighbours’ windows on the way home). I could also be that they sometimes have free copies of Good Homes magazine available in the lobby of HowNow HQ. Either way, I bloody love a good home. And, since I’m feeling nice, I’ve put together a list of my favourite places to find home inspiration (Hinspiration? Homespo? I’ll work on it.):

Unfuck Your Habitat

Fun fact: I have paid for one app in my entire life, and it is Unfuck Your Habitat. There’s now also a book. And let’s never forget the original blog. Rachel Hoffman was sent by the gods to get everybody to clean up their spaces using a mixture of tough talk and practical advice. It definitely works. Give it a try, and you’ll be talking about 20/10s before you know it.

Apartment Therapy

A combination of home inspiration and practical advice, as well as articles about other subjects, Apartment Therapy is the kind of place you could get lost for hours. You might want to get a sneaky look at some super-stylish apartments. Maybe you want help buying a new mattress. You might just want to know how to fit more into your kitchen cupboards. The answers are all here.

Dear Designer

Dear Designer is place where visitors can find tips and tricks to use in their homes. We also get the chance to see how other people design their interiors. For the truly dedicated there’s even the chance to rent out a holiday cottage where some of that inspiration has been put into effect.

Cabin Porn

This blog (and also book, now) covers all of of the weird and wonderful homes you never realised would be possible. There are floating domes, converted containers, and even real-life hobbit holes. They’re all blended in with more traditional tiny houses which are no less fun to look at for hours. It’s a particularly great site for anybody staring down the barrel of buying a tiny flat in London and wondering what to do with a small space.

French By Design

French By Design focuses on interior design and gives practical advice, as well as featuring images that’d make anybody jealous. Tips range from working with colours to displaying art without making holes in your walls to… Well, pretty much anything. There are also the ever-necessary home tours, so you can get your fix of how the other half live.

My Scandinavian Home

Luckily, this blog veers more towards the ‘hygge’ side of Scandinavian culture than grim crime dramas. My Scandinavian Home opens the door to loads of apartments whose owners are doing the kind of cosy, stylish design schemes we can only dream of.

Now. A very important question. Where else can I look to find homespiration (still working on it)? Because, y’know, I have a lot of hours in my day that need filling up and it’s not like I work for an awesome online learning platform or anything…